1992 – 2002

ROGLER is founded by DI Hannes Rogler in Vienna. Main focus: implementation of an MIS for printers. 1993 the company moves to Langenzersdorf in the periphery of Vienna. 1995 ROGLER OEG is founded with 5 IT staffers 1997 ISO 9001 Certification 1999 Redesign of the MIS: new database (Interbase),  new development environment (Boland Delphi), the

2003 – 2007

2003 ROGLER joins NGP(Networked Graphic Production) an initiative for moving forward the integration of print processes. 2003 KBA and ROGLER go live with the worldꞌs first JDF-integration of a Logotronic to an MIS (technoLOGIC™) at “Die Drucker Agens & Ketterl” in Mauerbach close to Vienna. 2004 ROGLER Software joins CIP4 2007 Start off with a

2008 – 2017

ROGLER Software GmbH is founded. 2008 Expansion with a new location: the support and the development division move to 1210 Wien, Berlagasse 45. 2012 technoLOGISTIX© – module for material management & warehouse control – goes live 2016 ROGLER Software GmbH enhances its engagement in consulting, training and support.